Prophet for Immortals

Prophet for Immortals

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Liner Notes: 

It has been a slow start, but I have finally written a song.

I used the random song name generator from The Muse and it threw out the rather cryptic title 'Prophet for Immortals'. It got me thinking about how in stories from Greek Mythology those who seek insight from a prophet/ oracle are often given less than desirable information.


The prophet told me this would happen
It is so
It is so

This unknown is becoming unsettling
Don't look at me now I am trembling
It was such a strange sort of devotion

What use is this self-proclaimed prophet to me now?
I swear nobody knows anything
No, nobody knows anything

It was such a strange devotion
Speaking of immortal truths

The prophet told me it would happen

The oracle looked straight through me
How the voice silently echoed through the mountains

I didn't come all this way to hear this
I wanted to be self-assured
How is this supposed to help me?
When I don't want to believe what you're telling me
Nothing is becoming any clearer

No, I don't want to believe what you're telling me
I don't want to believe what you're telling me
I won't believe what you're telling me

It was such a strange sort of devotion

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I hope that someone puts this to music. It's very powerful! Nice write

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It's certainly a lyric that avoids cliche and the bad omen/prognostication would give a musician plenty of scope for interpretation.
I could say a definite chorus and rhymes might sell it better, but these things arent as essential as they used to be.
I can imagine it sung by one of your fellow countrymen - Jonathan Bree, who I really like.

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Good to see you've got some lyrics done. Interesting idea, lots of clever playing around with it, and the lyrics have an internal rhythm that would fit well with a melody. Great start.

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Interesting subject and well written. An ancient muse for a still ongoing issue. I like it.

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I wish I could write for this. I had not heard of the Staves before and based on the fact that they are listed on your influences I just went to Youtube and listened to a bunch of songs, and I can hear this like that (Motherlode in particular - wow what a great song). Not in my skill set, but I think it would work. Smile (Also -- and this is pretty random, but the title made me think of Socrates in the Euthyphro -- why would immortals needs prophets? Biggrin )

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Great use of the Muse and Great start.
Interesting way of writing lyrics and perfectly dark and mysterious

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I have to agree with @Silver Machine, in that the rhyming isn’t necessary in this case so much, but rather the emotion of the piece, which should dictate very nicely a sweepingly epic musical accompaniment. Great writing.