Ham Hocks

Ham Hocks

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Liner Notes: 

I started with my drum pattern, layering different kits. Then went shopping in my vocal sample library (Splice is the best thing since...i dunno what), found some that I chopped up and did stuff to. Was gonna leave it at that, but went to my "80's" folder and got the bass sound then tried to find a line...who knew that I'd discover a part of the "Cutie Pie" riff as I was messing around??? lol
Slapped some more synths and leads on and got sleepy, so I said that's enough.
Whenever I think of funk, a picture of ham hocks always pops up in my mind. I dunno lol Been like that since I was a kid.
I added the "old school DJ" tag cause as I was making it, I was reminded of how DJs back in the day (and today too) would just throw in random snippets over beats from whatever instrumental record they were spinning...that stuff was ALWAYS on the radio when I was a kid in Chicago, riding in the backseat of my uncle's Fleetwood.

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good as ever - had me bouncing along - around that 2 minute time - i wanted a bit more Smile what is it with you and food?

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Happy vibe, great title, wonderful evolution of different sections. Really enjoyable!

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Growing up in the south, I think ham hocks and funk is a totally valid association. I wish you had a vocal for that!

Cool groove here. Very 80's funk synth lead, and I love the massive drum sound. Nice vibe to the whole thing.

This definitely has a serious groove going. That kick sounds like a giant set of speakers on the verge of shredding themselves. Lots going on to hold the interest, but not so much that it swamps the listener's bandwidth. Funky stuff!

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Noice!! Epic soundscape coming through my monitors. Me likey! Nicely done Biggrin

Very cool, the beat kicks, head bop and you add a lot of cool bits to keep it interesting. Nice sounds and a generally cool track that varies itself.

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Funkily weird, and weirdly funky, and fun as all get out. It's unusual but grooves just right. Nice job!

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Oooh this is great. Love the booming drums and vocal samples, and those little snippets where it gets louder (is that the old school DJ stuff you're talking about?). Anway, really enjoyed this one!

Out of curiosity what program do you use for your music?

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This is totally head-bobbing, yo. Me and my cuzzo use Splice. Dude hooked me to it about 4 months ago. I hear the Cutie Pie sample, too. Now you need some greens with this hamhock and you got somethin'!