Starless Sky

Starless Sky

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Liner Notes: 

Another song that started with me playing different scales on the piano (C major and A minor become boring after some time). I added drums, using samples from cassette tape arranged manually, then recorded the guitar on top. The piano is a simple VST with a reverse delay, which I've become very fond of lately.

I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out!



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Not suprised you are happy - thats a great melody well done loved it - on my saved list

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Oh wow, this is lovely. Such warm, soft, uplifting melodies, and I love the way you get those elements of tape-recorded sound into your tracks even when it's really subtle.

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That arp of the cheery yet (for me) melancholy chords paired with the reverse delay fx you used...that drew me in. Love the intro.
Nice mellow melody with the guitar. Cool subtle changes that give the song a different flavor, then right back to the original chords...just sounds good and, I dunno..."flowy", I guess?
Yeah def some sweet melodies throughout.
Nice track!

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I love this. There's enough of the human element in your playing to add a wonderful contrast to the electronic sounds. That micro-reverse reverb on that piano riff in the background is Caribou-I've-Lived-On-a-Dirt-Road-esque.

Hey, let me know if you're ever interested in a collab. I really enjoy setting lyrics and melody to an instrumental track.