Loving People Love

Loving People Love

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Liner Notes: 

tired of things happening in this word —- trying to stay positive


Loving People Love

this world is spinning
spinning so fast
from its axis to the seasons
its orbit has been cast
it is the only home for
our human race
there’s no other earth like it
in all of outer space

so we need to treat it with respect
and we need to give it love...

loving people....
loving people love...la ... la..
love our planet
love our flowers and trees
love our birds and our honey bees
love our rivers, lakes, and seas
love our mountains and our ravines
and love... love this earth ....
ohhh....love...love... love....
loving people love...

this world is changing
changing our past
from climate to religion
nothing seems to last
it is rich with culture,
tradition and history
but we need to champion
inclusion and equity

So we need to treat all with respect
we need to give all love...

loving people....
loving people love...la ... la..
love our children
love one another
love our fathers and our mothers
love our enemies and friends
love our sisters and our brothers
and love... love yourself ....
ohhh....love...love... love....
loving people love...

la la la la love...
la la loving people love
la la la la love...
la la loving people love

Repeat C1 and C2

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A song we all need to hear, now more than ever, as the world finds new and innovative ways to divide us all. I appreciate that you finished off with 'love... love yourself', which is so often the first step we need to take before we can love others and the world at large.

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ah I love the lala bit the best: it just breaks the list and makes lalala seriously me pay attention

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I love the "hippie" tag, because this does read like something a '60s group like the Youngbloods or Peter Paul and Mary would do. Yet it's a timeless message, and I like how you include and interweave references to both people and nature.

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Lead with love! I tell that to my kids a lot. Actually I tell that to many people a lot. Love love love! The planet needs that positive energy to balance.