winter coat

winter coat

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Liner Notes: 

just realized I meant to fade out the end but forgot. hope you enjoy abrupt endings!!


I have returned to form
did you expect after summer it would always stay warm
I must wear my winter coat
and I understand if you don't wanna take me out

I have learned to make an ice house
I have learned to sleep deep inside
it's only a temporary, a temporary thing
but I can't promise I will not put you out

I have returned to form
for every season turn, turn, turn, turn

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I really love "I have returned to form" — so moving and so immediately relatable. A beautiful, cinematic song.

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nicely done, really says alot in a short amount of lyric, and the music and performance really fits the troubled mood...

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Strong use of a wintry metaphor without it becoming overextended. Lovely little allusion at the end - it is perfectly at home after such a lyric and accompanied by that troubled delivery.

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very nice- simple drive from the strum works well/ lovely delivery