An Old Soldier

An Old Soldier

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Technicolor Gramophone Records: An Old Soldier

Liner Notes: 

This song literally wrote itself ... the main riff is from a drum machine put through a bass pedal, which magically spat out this music. I added guitar and lyrics.


You said, "Close your eyes
while I
count to 1,000,000, 441"
when you were done
I said, "Hold on"
and when I opened
my eyes
I was five
years older
holding a folder
about an old soldier
who got colder
and sold a
gun for a
winter coat
he got demobbed and demoted
told off and coated
with tar and feathers
in weather
he didn't particularly like
cos it was like
nine degrees Fahrenheit
and that just might
be too cold
for such an old soldier

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your clashng and crashing productions are so much more pleasing to the ear than the band in the box muzak that so many seem to be crazy about. there s so much to like i each one of your songs that i just put on my headphnes and luxuriate in the sounds

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The 'melody' suggested by the drummachine/bass pedal chimera is weird and hypnotic. The vocal deliver is pure Talking Heads. Well done.

Stephen Wordsmith's picture

Sweet riff, and I really enjoyed the instrument you created with the consonance and assonance of the vocals. Nice.

Frances Smith's picture

That drum machine put through a bass pedal is just perfect. Love the journey the lyrics take. Lots of fun, though poor old soldier.

Ferry Colyer's picture

'And that's cold' is an absolute winner line, made me laugh! You tell the story as if it actually happened and amidst that delightful chaos that makes it even funnier Smile

What have you done this time.

This is...very cool. That riff is just confusing and you managed to build a song around it in a way only you could. I like it.

pfoo's picture

That's a fun experiment! Cool sounds, almost like some kind of horn. And trippy vocals - fun all around Smile

3tdoan's picture

The drum/bass pedal mashup creates a disconcertingly hypnotic effect. I like how the internal rhymes in the lyrics keeps it coherent through the weirdness Biggrin