Two ukulele tenors

Two ukulele tenors

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Liner Notes: 

This is a ukulele instrumental duet played on two tenor ukuleles.

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I am hopelessly trying to learn the uke and keep getting frustrated. This is inspiring me and is so beautiful!

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very pretty arrangement, with the two instruments playing off of each other, moments of harmony and counterpoint intersect with the melodies and their rhythmic support,

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These days, I consider tenor uke my primary instrument. The subtle interplay between the two lines is very satisfying.

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This is absolutely lovely! I love you technique and musical sensibility! The interplay of lines is perfect!

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Yisss the new uke? Absolutely gorgeous, Roddy. Masterful, how the two voices are interwoven, with some surprising changes in harmony thrown in and daaamn that end section is outta left field. You should studio record this!

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Cool way of using the uke. Very well played , a masterpoiece. I can listen for hours.

Wonderful pairing. Those tones are on another plane in the string instrument world. I honestly came close to weeping halfway through, and then the energy came in a brilliant display for the back half.

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This is an amazing and inspiring piece of music! The interplay is so skillful. The last minute or so could be another song, yet it fits the theme - the whole thing sounds like two players joyfully intertwining and amicably challenging each other.
I've been in quite a uke mood lately, even thinking of upgrading from the starter model I got as a Christmas gift a few years ago.Andy now my daughter is learning, too!