Get Up And Dance

Get Up And Dance

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Liner Notes: 

Another fun EDM song made using Arcade and Loopcloud.

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Really like this! Great electronic opening and then the beat kicks in - love it!

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ooooooh! Again, right away I knew this would be great.
Lovely intro.
Vocal samples! They sound great with this track.
Love the melody.
I feel the sunshine on the weekend, sipping on a cold coffee drink of some sort, having nothing to do all day but anything I want.
Awesome track

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*sniffs the air* .....I smell, EDM trax Biggrin

This one has a wiiiiiiiicked great groove about it man! I was bopping in my seat and those vocal samples were carrying me along on cloud nine! I'm loving it! You know the best mark of a killer track? When it ends too soon. It ends and you're like NOOOOOOOOO! And you want to hear it again! THAT is the ultimate mark of a great track and you've left that mark on this track with the K I L L E R groove!

between 1:29 and 1:45, a kind of "dun dun, da-da-dun dun" happens and you have this kind of maybe brass instrument going "da-da-da". You should DEFINITELY make that more pronounced so we can hear it better! That's one of those moments on a track that just gives it the lightning-in-a-bottle shine!

BRASS IT UP BABY! Great job! Biggrin