Too Much Mowing!

Too Much Mowing!

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Liner Notes: 

Hey Everyone, this guy has bad allergies. Thanks, your friend Jimmy


Too Much Mowing

Too Much Mowing
Too Much grass in his yard
Too Much Mowing
Now a big pile is by his car

He wants to leave it alone
When he is at home
Then try to go to sleep
But from week to week

His throat is very sore
He is sneezing some more
His chest was too tight to breathe
When he tried to speak


Too Much Mowing
Too Much coughing
Too Much Mowing
For the whole summer
It's just Too much

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This would make a good blues song. I have weed eater blues going on over here as the grass has all turned yellow. I can relate to the piles of brush too. Good job on this!

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Even though you haven't put it to any music it is very catchy to read. I could imagine this is so many different musical styles. Well done.

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Something many of us can relate to. You just reminded me I should mow tomorrow.