The Music Lifted Me

The Music Lifted Me

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Liner Notes: 

Loved Cindy's lyric. I tweaked it a bit...put it all in the past tense and added a couple of lines for no particularly good reason other than wanting the intro to match the chorus melody wise. Might rethink that if I did it again. Nevertheless, this is 5090, so moving on to another song!


The Music Lifted Me
© 2019 Cindy Prince & Susan Cantey

Stood in the rain
Tears on my face,
Drowning in my grief
Thunder rolled
Grey skies above
In this motherless place

This day seemed unreal
Such a sad, lonely day
But I lifted my voice
To sing and to pray

Because it lifted me
The music lifted me
When I thought nothing ever could
It lifted me, yes, it lifted me
And oh, the sweetness was good

“How great thou art”
lifted me up
helped raise me from my grief
“In the garden”
touched my soul
made me sure of my belief


“Blessed Assurance”
comforted me
oh yes, “glory divine”
“Softly and tenderly”
evoked such memories
with just one perfect line

Instrumental Bridge – In the Garden

“Standing on the promises”
made me smile
even through the tears I cried
“I’ll fly away”
ah yes, I will
hallelujah by and by


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So pretty! This is a wonderful collaboration. Really sweet uplifting lyrics and I love the harmony.

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Oh thank you! Great harmony and vocals Susan and I so love the instrumental In the Garden! Love it

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your guitar rhythms and parts of the melodic development reminded me of awestern movie ballad, i could see the horses riding across the plains and into the hills,,,,beautiful images of a clean world.....when the piano comes in, and the hallelujahs ensue, it expamds into truly uplifting church music.

ductapeguy's picture

This is a great, personal hymn. I love both the lyrical and musical allusions to How Great Thou Art.

This is so pretty! I love all the references to other songs peppered throughout the lyrics, and the harmonies are lovely. Excellent job, both of you!

helen's picture

Pretty! Lovely harmonies and love the take on the spirituality of music.

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Lovely! I've been depending on hymns to lift my spirits more often. Sometimes when I'm feel particularly down a hymn will "magically" pop into my head and ease my emotions. I call it a Holy Spirit thing. Beautiful words and the melody and harmony were a nice fit!

kahlo2013's picture

Really gorgeous in all respects! Love how the music captures the spiritual references in the song. Well written and well delivered!

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Wow! Your arrangments are picking up the new added instruments Nicely

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This is the third profile I've clicked on today that has had a collab with Cindyrella! She's EVERYWHERE! Biggrin with good reason of course, because she's awesome!

I really liked the feel of this track. This kind of gave me an Enya feel, but not exactly in Enya's vocal spectrum, you know? (Her vocals are layered 84 times to create that sound) but the same kind of neighborhood.

I loved the vocal delivery and the music. The harmonies were dynamite and addictive! Your voice delivering the "lifted me" and "comforted me" parts are just delicious. Drooling with appetite for your singing Susan!

Great job you two! Something to be proud of for sure!