Feed on the fear

Feed on the fear

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Liner Notes: 

Lyric about how social media seems to spy on us (the way you mention 'lawnmowers' and suddenly your FB feed is full of ads for lawnmowers

Music made with Helen's new exciting software


You always know which button to push
I spill my dreams, you're listening in
The smallest thought finds its way to your hands
You know my mind, you know who I am
I search for nothing, you still find me out
It's in my feed - I know you've been listening
Nowhere to hide, you've got me plugged in
Can't disconnect your hands from my brain
You feed on the fear / it's all you are (etc)
I'm walking nowhere, got my life in the dark
Just to avoid you, but there is no release
Turn off the phone and the screen and the heat
To shut yo out, stop following me

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Dag...some woman be stalking you! Rock it! You are having way too much fun!! Love it.

Good heavy sounds on this. The short breaks that drop the distortion are really effective to break it up and then bring you back in. And you're so right. You're phone is always listening. Also Google is Skynet. Smile

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Disconcerting - in a good way! Love the spooky/scary industrial vibe you guys whipped up for this one.

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the robotic vocal and mechanical music suggest a symbiotic relationship between man and machine reminds me a bit of joy division

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I assume you mean it is your FBI feed that is full of ads
Right on