I Asked for Beans

I Asked for Beans

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Liner Notes: 

My first song of 50/90! And also my first song using Ableton Live. Still learning my way around a DAW, but I'm cool with this for now. Just 49 to go!

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


A cool glitchy sound. Looking forward to hearing more tracks from you!

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Interesting rhythms/sounds over a subdued beat - it works for me.
I think the title made this even more interesting...I had an absurd visual of two people arguing over a purchase of beans...that ended up not really being beans...
Its like the lead sound you use throughout is representing the arguments...
Don't mind me, its early here lol
Anyway, welcome to the world of DAWs!

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You did ask for beans.....lol. I'm excited for you to be learning Ableton at the same time I am. Liked the rhythm in this song. Keep it up!

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yes there is a conversational/argumentative feel to the lead parts, like two robots at the breakfast canteen. great title Smile