Keep on rockin' in a not so free world

Keep on rockin' in a not so free world

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Liner Notes: 

the prompt for this song skirmish (in which you have an hour, i took just a little longer for this) was something about 'rockin' (as an homage to the earthquakes in Calif.- i went in a semi-tip of the hat to a Neil Young song, tho the music is different, (hopefully)
with a blues harmonica track, a little distortion on things, etc.

a bit of a throwaway but it was fun to do..


The indicators were good
Some things were going like they should
But we’re sliding off the track
we gotta somehow get back

In the distant days to come
Will we get rid of the guns
Will the fear still grip us
Will the climate start to tip us?

Keep on rockin’ in a not so free world
Keep on rockin’ in a not so free world

It’s a slope that’s slippery
This is no time for frippery
Time for all hands on deck
We’re running neck and neck

Keep on rockin’ in a not so free world
Keep on rockin’ in a not so free world

(c) M. Skliar 2019

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Very well done. I heard a bunch of Neil on "Sound Opinions" yesterday. This fits right in. I'm a cold, dead fingers kind of guy but it was still an enjoyable listen. Good job.

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Man! You've got a tight little band there, sir! Pay the harp dude extra, cuz he made the song go over the top. The energy was infectious and I really like the delivery of the hook. It started me thinking about what acceptance might feel like, like "hey, we're still kinda free..." ? Because clearly things have shifted. Your song was a few moments of shaking it off, though, so thank you!

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That harmonica really makes the song! Love the rhyme of slippery/frippery. Good going Mike

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I appreciate how you're keeping a cheerful spin on a not-so-cheerful subject. Great!

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Timely lyrics and important questions. Love the bluesy feel and great harmonica. Keep writing these songs and getting them out there!

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I like the jumping off point and where it finished. Well done on the skirmish!

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Cool! This reminds me of Southern Culture on the Skids! Great song.

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cool skirmish, you got a really full song together.. harmonica is great Smile

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This is really really good AND for a skirmish!! I like the anti style chorus - the 'not so free world' concept. Loved the harmonica! Yeah!

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Dylan-esque! I especially love the harmonica. The chord progression was easy and nice with enough fun chords in there to mix it up.