Dance You Sinners, Dance

Dance You Sinners, Dance

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On Flatbush Avenue, in Brooklyn, there are a lot of churches on every block, due to a large Caribbean population. I've also noticed a lot more Jehovah Witnesses hawking their literature. Who knows - Maybe we are coming to the "end times". It certainly seems that way (to me) with Trump in office. Sad Anyway, that's the inspiration for the lyrics.


We’re handing out literature
We’re knocking on your door
We’re preaching on street corners
Cause there’s something you can’t ignore

There’ll be Fire there will be Brimstone
Heed Jehovah’s words
Transgressions won’t be condoned
My Lord, haven’t you heard?

It was written in Revelations
There’ll be great tribulation
This is your last chance
So dance, you sinners, dance

Armageddon is a’comin’
So you’d better beware
Or you’ll burn in the flames of hell
That’s why you have to prepare

Tow the line and behave
So put down that smartphone
There’s no guarantee you’ll be saved
Because children you have to atone

Here comes the Apocalypse
You can Pop, Lock, Crunk or Twist
Honey, this is your last chance
So dance you, sinners, dance!

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Funky stuff here! And I like the tongue-in-cheek humour to this one.

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Nice. Thus has a retro funk feel to it. Like the creative lyrics and the upbeat tempo you sing them. It's good work.

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Yeah I love how upbeat this is
and the message is sent out
loud and clear, I got it

well done

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Impressive this was done on an iPhone! I like the funk, your spirited vocals and the contrast between the upbeat vibes and the dark subject.

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This is so much fun to read! One day I want to write lyrics like this.

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Great 70s funk vibe! Catchy as heck, with cool rhymes and clever lyrics. Love "You can Pop, Lock, Crunk or Twist"!