Silly Girl

Silly Girl

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Liner Notes: 

Started with the phrase "I worry about you", and the melody came to me in the car. Intended to be a song about mortality, but this sort of soaring melody arrived along with a simple & inflexible rhyme scheme, and it had to be a basic love song instead. This song makes me want to learn to play piano.


I worry about you
I try not to, but I do
What if I'm playing the fool
Like I always do

Oh I worry about us
Can we always be enough
What if all this is just the silly dream

Of a silly girl
Silly girl

Baby I worry about you
Can you really be as true
As you seem, seen through the dreaming eyes

Of a silly girl
Silly girl

I will not cry any more
I will not hide like before
I won't back down and I won't give in
I won't be seen

As a silly girl
Silly girl

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A “basic love song,” perhaps, but the delivery is spot-on! Made me think of a love song and a bit of a battle cry all rolled into one.

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I like the switch -- when you say "I worry about you" of course it sounds like you're concerned about the wellbeing of someone who matters to you. But of course, the truth is "I wonder about what you are doing to me".

So yes, that melody is powerful, and carries everything nicely. Nice dynamics and pacing.

In the end the protagonist is a bit concerned about how she appears to others, which is perhaps not a picture of personal strength. If it was my song I might look at the last verse again to find a good way to state "well, I'm not a silly girl".

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Love the determination in the last verse to deny the title. Beatifully done!

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Nice subtle build - excellent delivery of that relatable story

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You have a way with melody that just absolutely grabs my ears. Lovely work again.

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More than a “basic love song”! A beautiful, heartfelt, tug at the emotions, blinder of a song, performed exquisitely!