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Liner Notes: 

The first song I've written in a while. Been going through some tough times and letting go of some old stories that keep me in fear. This song honors that wise, inner voice that guides me.


The gentlest breeze rouses trees from dream
They stretch out their branches and shake off their sleep
They jangle their leaves in the sun’s morning heat
An applause for the dawn that’s finally come

As the world lights up, birds sing out their praise
Give thanks to Creation, for one more day
As I listen from bed, there’s a smile on my face
What a blessing to be here this morning

I’m ready to receive the gifts of the day
No more hiding my soul’s light away

As I step on the Earth, she steps in to me
I feel the dirt on my toes and dew on my feet
I’ll stand tall as the Grandmother Tree
Oh, we’ll keep on growing

As wide as the sky and deep as the sea
There’s something inside me that wants to be free
If I just listen, if I just breathe
Anything can happen if I believe

I’m ready to open up my head
And let the love flow free from my chest

I’ve been used to the darkness for so long, my friend
In a dance with shadows, I thought would never end
I tasted her perfume, she kissed up my sweat
In a life half asleep, in a life of regret

Now I’m ready to let those old stories go
It’s high time to step into something more
I’m ready to receive the gifts of the day
No more hiding my soul’s light away

What I’ve been waiting for
Has been waiting for me

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Great song. Poetry in motion great lyrics and storytelling. Love the metaphor. Passion in the vocal. Such a great start to your 50 90. Big fan.

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this is really wonderful! A perfect marriage of music and lyric- the melody and phrasing is perfect for this lyric which is both thoughtful and organically spiritual. Feels like its one of those classics that's been around a long time!

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a refreshing blast of positivity into a quaking world. love the way you have miked your voice.

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Wow! This is beautifully and poetically written. Your voice and the guitar are so intimate. It's like your right in my own living room singing, which makes me feel the music more in my bones. Absolutely beautiful!

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Hearing this reminded me how much i like your songs! Nice lyric and perfect delivery - on the edge of anthemic

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I'm impressed. Maybe I don't listen enough to singer-songwriter songs, maybe I should listen to more of them.

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Simply beautiful! That last line is just perfect
"What I’ve been waiting for
Has been waiting for me"

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love this from start to finish
the soft sweet melody, the lines
Imagery in every one
and the line, no more hiding my souls light away
is a killer line
stunningly sung

hope you do collabs and one of my lyrics
hits you enough to put your magic to it
look forward to more from you


Great track. Sounds well practiced, great production on a demo. It's prayer like, which is always a good way to go as I see it.