Letter To My Baby

Letter To My Baby

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Letter To My Baby - The Wave Gilders

Liner Notes: 

This is the last of three songs I wrote while I was stuck in the studio on Friday night. The style is rockabilly, because that's been my thing for the past couple of years. I've gone for something a bit more upbeat this time. It definitely has the cheesy, 50s style, slightly stalkerish lyrics going on. I'm going to write in some different genres for 50/90 this year, but I'll definitely be returning to this at some point.


My baby got a letter
Origin unknown
And on that page some stranger says
He wants her for his own
My baby swears she doesn't know
Just who that letter's from

I'll write my girl a letter
I'll put it in the post
I'll pour my heart out on that page
I'll write her purple prose
And nothing that some stranger says
Can ever offer more

There's a letter to my baby in the post

My baby's got two letters
She puts them on her shelf
And only then does she admit
The first one's from herself
She wrote it cos she didn't think
I loved her anymore

There's a letter to my baby in the post

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billwhite51's picture

love the story and you dont waste any words. your sound drew me right in, both the guitar anf vocal,

Kingwood Kowboy's picture

Guitar Kim, this is just fabulous. A real bopper with a twist at the end. I say Fabulous!

OdilonGreen's picture

Absolutely a classic 50's feel, from vocals to guitar to lyrics, and it all works splendidly. This was tremendous fun! It really gets the blood pumping and the toe tapping on this lazy Sunday morning. Smile

sbs2018's picture

Love it - fun story and great rockabilly, which I so love!

jcollins's picture

Nice twist near the end as I read the lyrics first, which is great! I think you got something really special going on there with these 50's rock tunes. I understand you want to switch it up during the challenge but Kim, you are the best at this style of music and I really like what you got going on here. Totally danceable again with killer guitar playing. Your vocals are spot on and always has great lyrics. Enjoyed the video as well. Great job on this!

Klaus's picture

I don't usually use the word love in my comments but I gotta say I love this song and the video. And the lyrics are fine. The twist in the last verse is so good. Hey mate, this is a bonza song! Smile

DeannaSweidel's picture

I agree with the above! What a great twist at the end. Toe tapping fun song