Out of My Mind

Out of My Mind

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Liner Notes: 

Well the voice has to get used to singing, this is pretty shakey. This might be the first of a series of songs tied together with the theme "Mind Games." The second in the series is half-written. We'll see what happens after that.


Out of my mind it’s a frightening time
Surrounded by things I can’t identify
Too early for me, I can’t speak I can’t see
Got a monopoly on misery

Floating along in a ponderous song
It’s got an okay beat but goes on for too long
The tempo is steady and the rhythm is strong
But the words don’t make sense, something’s horribly wrong

Out of my mind it’s so strange to be alive
In the middle of the rest of the world’s decline
Feeling guilty as hell because all seems so well
Everybody is tortured but I’m feeling fine

Out of our minds it’s a wonderful time
To rediscover, reflect and remind
What’s in store I don’t know but it shouldn’t scare you so
Cause it’s all in your mind, don’t you know

Out of my mind
Running out of time
Out of my mind
I got nothing but time
Out of my mind
Can’t find a rhyme
Out of my mind
With a headful of rhymes
Outta my mind outta my mind…..

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This sounds like a demo from a lost Ed Kuepper and the Laughing Clowns session. I like the intensity of it. That could make for something interesting.

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Doesn't seem shaky at all. Really nice groove, great start!

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That second stanza coaxed one smile and then another as the couplets each closed. Then the third stanza hit and sobered me right up. Yep, that’s it right there. Deeply relevant to try to deal with the times we’re in and name the kind of crazy it generates. I’m staying tuned.

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this is wonderful- a creative way of dealing with all the insanity around us, and a great little meta-songwriting exercise too- love the energy and delivery of the demo, too- music fits the lyric well!

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That third verse is very well said. Very involving track; your intensity (both guitar and vocals) completely pulled me in. "Mind games" indeed, although more like the mind games one plays on oneself!

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Wistful, playful treatment of *all too real* topic Wink More, please!

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The thing is, you write great songs, and you have the voice to match them. Envy typed that. Smile

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“Got a monopoly on misery”

Great lyrics, and I love the music - so powerful, especially with that performance.

Great work Chris! Smile