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Lost - Wave Gilders

Liner Notes: 

Still with the rock and roll over here. For this track I'm going for a more contemporary rockabilly feel. Although I still don't have any tattoos...



In the desert
The sun is beating down
Lost in the desert
A hundred miles from town

Been quite foolish
You left the road behind
With no water
The sun can be unkind


You'll be lost out for days
And you'll never find your way back home
Condemned to roam
It won't be long until you surely die


You've lost your way
As you can surely see
The comprehension dawning
That you may cease to be

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Nice surfy gretsch sound. The whole song is very cohesive, the theme, lyrics, and vibe all fit great together,

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Wow Kim, you are a superstar man! Love the lyrics, guitar, vocals, and danceable music. Excellent job on the video as well and should get lots of hits and likes. Well done! Oh, and the sound is excellent as I was listening on my headset.

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Authentic early rock sound, superbly executed. Not the most cheerful lyric but the sound is bright! Might not want to use the word "surely" twice if you ever re-record this but other than that, everything is great!