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Liner Notes: 

Tablet is running low on battery. This may be the last ferival lawn lyric today.



On many a dark and stormy night.
A beagle with a typewriter taught me
All writers must write.

A long, long time ago,
Was the day the music died
But the song lives on, with us today

A teenager in tights taught me
With (great) power comes (great) responsibility
These are the words that formed me.

They say life's lessons don't come in any book.
But who the heck are 'THEY' anyway
It's all inside the pages if you"ll take a look
Some of my greatest teachers live only in books.

A spelling, spinning, spider taught me
Everyone is terrific
A quartet from the shire showed
the humblest can be heroes.
And a boy with a tiger taught me
how to dream my dreams.

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a boy with a tiger taught me how to make butter for my pancakes, but that is neither here nor there..this is an excellent lyric.

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Love how all the various references taught 'you', very cool.
@billwhite51 love that line but I can't see it above in the lyric section ?? !!

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This is fantastic, Sean!

I especially love the line “Some of my greatest teachers live only in books”. Never a truer word spoken in my opinion. I’ve learnt more from books than I have from a lot of teachers!

Wonderful. Smile

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Yes! Some of my greatest teachers have been authors, too. Wouldn't it be great to meet them all, and their characters and allusion-sources? This is a fabulous take on pulling wisdom first and second and third hand from life events and many other sources. Great message.

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The topic is wonderful. "The boy with a tiger taught me how to dream my dreams" made me shiver because it's true for me too! Great message in your words and it was fun to pull out who those teachers were by name. We've been inspired by some of the same pages. I like this!

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Spider-Man references get me every time <3
Would you mind if I played with this a bit?