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Liner Notes: 

Was having a major creative block the last couple days.
It was about to defeat me today, too until I just said "nah".
I seem to be able to overcome that by making drum patterns with an attitude of 'whatever happens...'
That's how this one got going, just messed with about 5 different kits, just layering and layering.
Added some melody lines, other synth stuff, bass, and finally the "stronger" vocal sample.
Guess we're starting off with a bouncy, happyish, positivey kind of track.
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Compufunk fun! A delightful listen, full of quirky sounds and rhythms! I’m glad you got out of your own way and got this out into the world!

Nice progressive build, mix. So the vocal is synth too? So, you focus on a root and build a rhythmic, melody/sub-melody. Actually, that would be an easy track to then use as it's base/click for an, e.g., acoustic, 1v1g, etc. thing (didn't "analyse" it, but, e.g., if droning on G, or A, with passing tones back, etc.; actually I relate to it since how I build off what I call a drone track... so easy to then mix in). Lots of uses for this one; great job.

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ooo yeah, loved the claps closer to the beginning. Then it really got grooving at just under the 2 mark. My head got real bouncy once those lyrics popped up!

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I like your attitude - think I’ll borrow it - lol! The title caught my attention and the groove is so catchy, my heart is dancing.

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I especially like the bridge-ish thing at about 1 minute in, delightful use of vibrato and modulation effects on the backing synths.

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This is really fun! You said you layered 5 different drum kits? I've mixed two or three together, but I'm not even sure I have 5 that I like. Any recommendations?

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This far into in the challenge (almost halfway!) it's cool to go back and see what someone prolific like you did at the very beginning. This reminds me of a lot of the upbeat retro pop/soul my daughter likes lately (Whitney Houston, Gloria Estefan). Cool '80s/'90s dance sound, and also totally fresh because of the latest technology. Fun, indeed - what an inspired way to get the 50/90 ball rolling, And then you kept right on rolling!