And a Drink or Two

And a Drink or Two

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Liner Notes: 

old band, old wounds, new song.


bill was a man that i
slightly knew
he played guitar and some drums
he made up some songs and we sang them along with some old rock
in bars
for cash and food
cash and food

a singer's dream
get money
doing what i lived to do
playing songs every week
imperfectly perfect
for cash and food
cash and food

and a drink or two

wednesday nights
i sang my head off
to a regular crowd
we were packing 'em in
for some tasty cash and food
cash and food
and a drink or two

i said, bill, let's add more originals
oldies won't bring us a crown
then the drinking went long
he stopped playing my songs
for cash and food

disagreements run cold
when you play at cross purposes
no one says this is killing me
disagreements run cold
no one says what they think out loud
no one plans it out loud
no more cash and food

cash and food
and a drink or two

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I feel you, have lived this story once or twice myself. I like the form here, the sounds and repetitions.

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Cash and food. And a drink or two. I have a day job, but I've done this EXACT THING on the side for decades now. And I've been in the band that stultified on cover tunes. And couldn't move toward original music, cause they didn't have it in them. Sometimes. Anymore. They used to. But not anymore.

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I can feel the pain and anger and slow death bleeding through these words. I can feel their truth even through my screen, from your short, targeted phrases and the cutting repetition of your knife-like words. It’s cold comfort, but making new art out of these experiences hopefully at least counts for something.

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I can definitely hear this as some kind of "tomwaits- type" experimental jazz. Words half spoken, half sung and all mysterious and gloomy. I like how the refrain is first "cash and food" but soon "drink or two" is added. It says a lot. Smile

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"imperfectly perfect" is very relatable. Cash, food and drink or two... it's not much to ask is it, but sadly even that is hard to get these days. The repetition of the refrain kinda captures the ongoing slog of this life.

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I’ve found it very hard to be the one that says, “this is killing me.” I’ve been in a few groups where it needed to be said but wasn’t and the group suffered for it. Great narrative here and I dig the repeat of cash and food.

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This is great! Like @Klaus, I really like when "and a drink or two" comes up.

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mmm, I like this one, suits my mordant mindset right now. Are you familiar with Tenterfield Saddler? not that I'd do that way but...simialrly mordant.

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It's a sad old tale and you told it very well. Even happened to the Beatles. BTW "Yesterday" is a super dee duper movie!

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Ugh! This song is frustrating in a very personal way (it's a good thing). It's a constant struggle of trying to put together a band and having it fall apart. I've just about given up on the idea. I love the refrain of cash and food.

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I admire those who perform live and try to be as supportive as I can. Looking back, I regret not singing in a band but its a long, hard road.

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A familiar story told well ... I like refrain of "and a drink or two." Also, "imperfectly perfect" is great!