A Vision Of The Future

A Vision Of The Future

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Liner Notes: 

Snagged a couple more 8 bit plugins, thought I'd give them a whirl. I've been thinking cautiously optimistic thoughts about a big world full of endless possibilities, hope it shines through Smile

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That glitchy, percussive stuff gives it a great beat. I like how you drop it out in the middle then do that breakdown sort thing before it comes back in. Good melody. It does sound very optimistic, like everything is going to be OK.

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Thank you! It's fun to mix glitchy, Nintendo drums with "real" drums and see what happens Smile

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This definitely took me back to my SNES days in college. Very creative take with the tools you were creating with. That glitch effect is pretty dope!

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LOVE the rhythm; great drum programming.
Ohhh, that LEAD!
Great melody you used it for, too.
This reminds me of when I'd hear an unexpectedly groovy track back in the day on some obscure NES game. I can't remember any specific games or tunes...I think I remember digging some of the songs on games like Ninja Gaiden, but those weren't as happy and lighthearted as this, of course.
This gives good vibes! Love the minimalistic nature of it and that it still has a great rhythm; keeps me engaged.
Love this!