Magic Afoot

Magic Afoot



Liner Notes: 

Light and inspiring. Created in Stagelight, mixed in Reaper.

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OdilonGreen's picture

Kind of reminds me of the soundtrack to a more sedate 70s Italian horror film scored by Goblin’s less bombastic cousin (and I truly mean all that as a compliment). Hypnotic listen!

splittybooms's picture

I like how you introduced all the sounds, giving them their own space and melody. Then let them all play off of eachother at 3:12. Great intertwining melodies that all work together quite nicely to my ears!

billwhite51's picture

i gree with odilon. that melody sounds like a variation on the suspiria theme via john carpenter. the spooky backgrounds give it a haunted air.

standup's picture

That has a really cool vibe. The melody is very captivating, I could listen to that for quite a while. And the cello is really lovely. Nice job all around, I enjoyed this piece quite a bit. Reading the other comments, I don't hear this as spooky. It's more like meditative.

jcollins's picture

Soothing beginning...bass kicking in sounds cool building synth strings. Very relaxing vibe. Now the real strings (cello?) coming in, sounds great. Not sure what that sound on the right towards the end is but it sounds really cool with great fade out. Well done!

wobbie wobbit's picture

very relaxing. love the cello. this has so much atmosphere, really nicely put together and a lovely slow fade. really enjoyable listen

That was lovely. The title is very apt, as there's a cinematic sense of something going on. The cello adds a slight undercurrent of menace to those bright arpeggios. Enjoyed this one a lot.

Elesimo's picture

Ohhhh, this is so good, Pearl! When the cello comes it gave me goosebumps. Love the eerie arpeggio in the intro, the whole song feels like a (dark) fairy tale. Great composition, and a great mix! Love it. <3

DeannaSweidel's picture

Haunting and yet soothing at the same time. Beautifully put together