Call it a Festival

Call it a Festival

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Liner Notes: 

Sean McGaughey ss050719k Come to Meet (c) July 6, 2019

Come gather all the water
Come gather for 3 sushine days
Come gather by the statue of the bard
There's music to be made.

Come dance out on the point.
Come dance through all the day
Come and dance beneath the bronze moonlight
Each a step in life's parade.

Come to meet where it all began
Come to meet friends old and new
Come to meet the town of Sunshine Sketches
Under ancient trees and skies of every blue

Call it a festival
Call it Mariposa
Peace, Love and Music out on the grass
Come and meet a new generation
Take the torch as it is passed


Day2 of the Mariposa festival. Very hot today but otherwise wonderful. I took the theme of come to meet and looked around.

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Very inviting lyric and some interesting images - never thought of moonlight as bronze, but sometimes it is.

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You painted such a picture, I wish I was there. Thanks for coming out to play.

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I wish I were there especially after reading those lyrics. Orillia's such a pretty place, at the Narrows of Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching.

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What joyous imagery; it sounds (or rather, reads) like you're having a blast, and makes me wish I were there too!

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very good imagery writing! sounds like a fun place to be - well done

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The mariposa (butterfly) has passed the torch to the new generation. Hope they keep the music beautiful too.

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Sounds like something I'd enjoy! To gather, to dance, and meet new friends all while surrounded with music. Lovely flow to your words.