Smelly Fish!

Smelly Fish!

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Liner Notes: 

Impressed by Cindy's lyrics, I tried to sing it.


Smelly Fish
© 2019 Cindy Prince

The flood waters are on their way down
Which is good
Unless it isn't!

What has been left to rot in the mud
Are the dead fish
God, the scent of it!

Smelly fish
Go away
Buzzards come quick!
Godawful fish
Please don't stay
It's making us sick!

We have to hold are noses tight
Lest we faint
From the smell!

We try to be happy it's receded
But those fish
Are stinky hell!

Repeat chorus

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This is great! Cindy, I don't know where your inspiration comes from, but this is funny! The music and vocal really capitalize on the tone here with a sense of adventure and humor wrapped up all together. Well played and well done!

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Haha! This is priceless! You holding your nose and singing! Made my day

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Oh this is just BRILLIANT musically. You have totally nailed the feel of Cindy's lyric!

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Perfect marriage of lyrics and music! Love the theater quality of the delivery! Really wonderful phrasing, vocals and instrumentation. Love the chord progression too. Too bad there is truth in the lyric for you Cindy!

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This is brilliantly theatrical. Fun stuff!

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I’ve already commented on Cindy’s lyrics elsewhere...

Wow, this music, and the vocal performance (including the well timed coughs, etc)!

This is great!

I’m having a second listen...

How perfect is this!

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I was immediately hooked by the music! It was like I walked into a Willy Wonka song! The vocals came in and they gave me that feel too! Imagine that...Willy Wonka Smelly Fish Biggrin

Interesting idea! Smelly fish lol very cool sound effects and really funny track! Definitely an enjoyable listen!

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Seeing you 2 guys collab I was like wow, like a simon and garfunkle reunion. Click!
This is incredible! Funny, tightly written, beautifully produced/arranged/performed.
Great job, made me smile. Smile
Levesinet, which mega expensive plug in did you use for the nose verse vocal effect? LOL!
Cindy, thanks for visiting my first and leaving kind words!

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I'm WOWed.
off the wall lyrics Cindy... that's a masterpiece and that spooky music is what it's all about.

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This is fabulous! And just what I needed to hear this evening! Smile
Superb collab that simply works on so many levels. It's dramatic, full of pathos, and superbly performed!