I Just Want a Little Love

I Just Want a Little Love

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Liner Notes: 

So my hubby's been feeling poorly, and therefore a little testy. So last night he says "Excuse me for interrupting your life..." ...and then this song happened. LOL


I Just Want a Little Love
Susan Cantey © 2019

He said: “Excuse me,
May I interrupt your life?
Would you listen for a minute?
Before you decide?”

I just need a little attention
I just want a little love
I just want a little attention
I just need a little love

He said: “Please sit down,
I need to hold your hand.,
I’ve had my share of troubles,
Perhaps you’ll understand.


Brief instrumental bridge

We listened to the birds sing,
Watched the sun go down,
He kept on talking,
And the world spun round


Time became fluid
In the universe
I was swept up in him
As we converged


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tcelliott's picture

I like the sound of your guitar and the chorus is very good. Those doubled vocals are gorgeous.

Zeekle's picture

Light and poppy with great vocals. Really nice to listen to.

3tdoan's picture

Hubby is a 50/90 widower is he? Biggrin Excellent write off his accidental prompt! Amazing vocals and harmonies. Watchlisted!

DeannaSweidel's picture

Susan this is great and I hope he feels better soon! It's amazing how one sentence can spark such a great lyric Smile

musicsongwriter's picture

Beautiful song, gentle, loving and inspiring. Loving your lyrics, music, vocals, playing. Wonderful harmonization. Hope your husband feels better soon.

coreystewart's picture

Simply gorgeous pop... Loving the sweet harmonies and how they build in the choruses. I'm now waiting for my wife to say the same thing to me Smile