Rock And Roll Is

Rock And Roll Is

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Liner Notes: 

I've spent most of the last two years playing one or two gigs a week in a traditional rockabilly band, all up the east coast of Australia, from Melbourne to Brisbane. So for this 50/90, I'm going to do at least one album's worth of old-school rock and roll songs. I also work in a rehearsal/recording studio, and that's where I recorded most of the parts for this song. It's completely live, done in single takes with no editing. So if there are any mistakes they're going to stay there. Smile



Rock and roll is
Rock and roll is
Rock and roll is
My one and only truly
Yes it is


Baby we've been rockin' since '55
Rockin' and rollin' keeps the soul alive
And we keep on groovin' to the beat

And I'm gonna keep rockin' til I drop dead
Til I take myself to my sick bed
While ever I stand on these feet


All around the graveyard though they're bones and skin
They want to keep dancing even though they're thin
To a rock and roll song all night long

Til the dawn's dawning and the sun beats down
Even though they're dancing raises many a frown
Gonna keep on rockin' to a rockin' song

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can see you know your way around this stuff. Very well done mate very singalong!

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Ooh I love rockabilly and rock n roll!!! My writing partner and I do a lot of it. Great recording too - the way you’ve done it live really adds that authenticity.

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This is catchy! I got a fun picture of skeletons rock and roll keeps keepin' on! Nicely done!

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Carl Perkins would've loved this! Great lyrics and awesome performance. Perfect choice for delay and a true rockabilly song. Enjoyed it very much, great job.

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Once again (this is the second song of yours I've listened to), this is tremendous 50s fun! Not only is the sound completely there, but, more importantly, the fun is too, in spades! Great work!