San Francisco

San Francisco

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Liner Notes: 

A quick song made on the OP-Z.



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Dig it! You capture the mood of SF quite perfectly - a bit heavy, a bit techy, yet still has some elements of cool to it. Love it.

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Really cool! Lived in the Bay Area for 23 years - takes me back. I can hear this in the Exploratorium.

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A nicely synthwave take on the city by the bay; if this cool track is the vibe that SF conjures up, I need to get myself out there!

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I really enjoyed listening, love that bass tone especially.

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Yep. :48 did it for me.
Was already digging the deliberate groove and the choice of the bass sound you used.
I'm a sucker for synthy leads, so 1:12 started another bright spot for me.
Geez, I'm a sucker for a lot of the things in this track - like that panned arp.
Nice minimal drum pattern.
Good, good kind of listening.

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That's a heck of a little synth, and you extract a ton from it. Excellent.