It's No Picnic

It's No Picnic

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Liner Notes: 

First song of the year
Need to get my levels better..but I like it.


Apple Pie
It's no picnic
On this 4th of July

had an earthquake
And the East Coast is having
A big parade

Tanks roll in
Children held in cages
In the land of the free
And the home of the brave

A gentle breeze
A soft rain
The Earth is in peril

What will remain
When the trees
And the ocean's coral

Tanks roll in
Children kept in cages
In the land of the free
And the home of the brave

c) Laurie Lyons 2019

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i like it when anger is pretty. like the kinks or maybe the pretenders. the only way this could be improved is too make it longer. i want to her more what you have to say, and this seems to be a taste of the whole story. i love the music and the sadness of the sound draws me in.

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nicely done! I've been writing about this stuff too and its definitely something that needs to be done. this has a bit of a patti smith vibe that suits the subject well.

keep writing and playing!

nice music track as well!

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A moving lyric, contrasting the sweet imagery of apple pie and soft gentle breezes with all the horrors of present day USA. The 6/8 gives it a timeless feel.