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Liner Notes: 

In this song the guitar part was actually recorded in two takes, since the lower notes form a descending bass line, and the higher notes go the opposite way. I was playing with a friend, and while I played he did the ascending notes in my guitar — I was playing an open G, and he did the notes in that string. I liked the sound, and it became this little song.



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Trippy! Really like the reverse sounds you scatter through the piece. And the guitar sounds like something that could have come from an indie shoegaze band, the kind i used to listen to a lot as a teen. Great work!

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Nice sounds, I like the harmonics here and there, a little punctuation. Nice break, then the swells/reverse sounds are really fun. I like the abrupt ending.

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Feels like the end of summer-- which in my book is a good thing-- what with the dripping, fluttering sun-going-down guitar notes.

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Such a lovely little experiment! Were there some backwards guitar notes in there? Very nicely done.