Book Of Splendor

Book Of Splendor

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Liner Notes: 

Today I went hiking at "Rabbit Mountain Open Space" in Boulder County Colorado. The scenery was inspiring.

Lowhum: I saw the lyrics and was inspired. It was just a spur of a moment. One of those.


Book Of Splendor

To youth the world’s an open book
Of such new and pleasant splendor
He reads it by a running brook
That toward the wide sea meanders

Life’s book whispers through leaves of trees
On waves of grain and dewy grass
And on the wings of honey bees
As to their hive when buzzing past


The moon’s full glow and stars above
To all their beauty is given
This book of splendor is God’s love
To shine upon earth and Heaven

This book of splendor read aright
Is never done in a hurry
So may we all take much delight
In God’s own book of poetry

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These lyrics have a serene feel to them. I think the brevity will make for a contempletive vocal which really fits the feel of this song. Nicely written.

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Would you mind if I have a go at this one? Not very sure about the country, but the folk will be there! Lol

This is beautiful. I wasn't expecting the whalesong-like break in the middle, but it really fits.