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Liner Notes: 

My inner critic said this is maudlin crappy schmaltz.

But I'm at the Mariposa festival, sitting next to my beautiful wife. Steve poltz is singing, there was just a beautiful sunset, and these scmaltzy, cheesy lyrics are my skirmish.

Update: Telecaster w/ max reverb on my roland cube amp and just a splash of flanger.
Orff Alto Xylophone, Orff Soprano glockenspiel


Sean McGaughey SS070519c (c) July 5, 2019 HOPE

A squall is often followed by a rainbow.
Sunrise concludes the darkest night.
The ugliest of caterpillars dissolves into goo,
becomes a painted butterfly and takes flight.

When everything you touch turns from gold to brass.
And every situation is perfectly designed to kick your ass.
You wander through crowds, yearning for a friend,
and wonder when you'll finally go around the bend

Every time you thought you could not make it through,
you did.
It"s been that way since you were a kid.
When you're holding the last thread of your rope.
Hang on, this is hope.

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Dude, you're at MARIPOSA. I don't expect you to be writing lyrics but just basking in the music!

And I think this is really nicely done. I like especially the shorter line at the end "Hang on, this is hope." That really makes the whole thing come together just perfectly.

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yeah works for me! Lyrics are situational usually and you set the scene nicely

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this has a wonderful flow to it, and some great lines (gold to brass/kick your ass is fantastic!) and i love the ending- great stuff, actually!!!

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@metalfoot is right...."Hang on, this is hope" is a wonderful line. Hope can be the small things in life not just the big. You really brought light to that point.

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Nicely written lyrics to the skirmish prompt.

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This surprised me in a very good way. I like the images you convey and the summary in the last stanza is perfect.

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Where has Rod McKuen gone? Long time passing. I couldn't remember his name but I googled corny 70's poet and it came right up. Yours is much better than his. If you sang it as a raging punk song the schmaltz would melt away. Go ahead...try it. Wink And don't forget that forum post from a week or so ago about not belittling your own music. Just don't.

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The gold to brass/kick your ass couplet was unexpected. Yeah. It's a good start. Maybe a little schmaltzy there at the end, but that's ok.

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I love the 'Hang on, this is hope' line. A song to give strength and inspiring.

Very hopeful lyric, song. I like the humor in it as well. I got a xylophone last year but never used it, never came up. Hearing your composition w/o a guitar allows me to see how I could blend the two - so, helpful to listen in that regard as well.

So, good one!