So Long As You're OK

So Long As You're OK



Liner Notes: 

Quick little tune to kick things off.


Too bad I'm not complaining
I should be somewhere not here tonight

Packed up now oh you're so sorry
I'm not going to this party
Oh no, no, no worries
Take backs, now why should that hurt me
Give in, give up in a hurry
Fake smiling oh so pretty
So long as you're ok

Handshaking, then flaking
Oh no it's not heartbreaking
It's just another cut of the knife



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Good one! A nice to the point tune with a good vocal and melody. The guitar opening up with the arpeggios in the second part of the verse is cool, sounds good overall. Enjoyable listen!

kahlo2013's picture

Pithy, punchy, and pointed lyrics and delivery. That knife is twisting. You and your guitar are off to a great start!

cindyrella's picture

What a super song Val! What great guitar and man your vocals! Love it

Kristi's picture

Really catchy tune! The guitar sound great in my headphones. "Too bad I'm not complaining" Makes you want to get up and dance...great start to 50/90!

helen's picture

The call and response thing you've got going on in the guitars at the beginning is ace. Emotion really comes through in your vocal too. Great start to 50/90. Rockin' it!

Zeekle's picture

Rocking - really enjoyed listening to this.

jcollins's picture

You rock Valerie! This is so cool and you just continue to deliver every year with excellent music. Love the guitars and vocals. A true rocker and if you decide to remix put a solo in there. Well done!

OdilonGreen's picture

Awesome! Kind of has an 80s power-pop feel to me, but in any era, this rocks a long beautifully and is tons of fun! The dual stereo guitars are splendid, and your voice has power as you belt on the lyrics with real verve. Incredible toe-tapping goodness!

gregjwere's picture

Hot! love the start. Nice feel throughout. How did you do drums? Very nice work on the drums to present different aspects of the song.

john_a's picture

Love the stereo bouncing in the verse! Vintage Val stuff! Smile Has a feel like a more aggressive Pretenders tune. Very cool!

Rockwrites75's picture

Hey Valerie, you did an excellent on job on your song I like it.

staticcaptain's picture

Oooh I like. Like a more aggressive Aimee Mann song (big compliment, imho). Great guitar tones, really well-captured vocal harmonies as well. Great work.