We Were In The Wars

We Were In The Wars

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Liner Notes: 

One hour skirmish by John Staples. The theme was 'Stormy Night'. I used it as a metaphor to describe a difficult time in a relationship. Enjoyed the pressure write! Can't second guess things too much...


(C) 2019 Georgie Cooper
All Rights Reserved

Our stormy night lasted a hundred days
We hurt each other in so many ways
all the fighting and the crying and the lying and the tryin
left us with scars

We were in the wars
But now we’re fine
We were in the wars
But now it’s peace by piece time

Oh our stormy night took its toll or two
We said many things we didn’t mean to
It was messy it was stressy it was guessing it was testing and more besides

We were in the wars
But now we’re fine
We were in the wars
But now it’s peace by piece time

Them dark clouds were hovering
Threatening to take us both out
That dark sky was threatening
threatening to wash us both out D

We were in the wars
But now we’re fine
We were in the wars
But now it’s peace time
We were in the wars
But now we’re fine
We were in the wars
But now it’s peace by piece time

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Beautiful song and take on skirmish! I was just re-watching "Meet the Fockers" this early morning and I think your song could be a theme song for the movie. Brilliantly captured the mood, the atmosphere, the theme. Always enjoy your songs, your singing a playing Georgie.

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Aww dang Georgie, I love this! Love the use of wars for relationships! This "peace by piece time" is very clever! I love the melody and LOVE your vocals! This is a really nice take on the skirmish...thanks so much for playing!

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That chromatic melodic "we were in the wars" -- tasty! "Peace by piece time" -- brilliant turn of phrase.
Great write for the quick time slot, for sure! Enjoyed this a lot, Georgie! Cheers!

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Nicely done. relationship what what fertile ground! lovely touches of the changing vocals and i love ooooos

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Great energy in this. Beltin' out dem blues. Very fine skirmish.

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Love the resolution to the stormy wars that comes through so beautifully in the chorus and how you capture the angst of the past storm in the bridge. Nice change up in the chord progression there too. Wonderful melody - I like the vocal slide. Very effective for that transition zone to the chorus. Love it!

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"Peace by piece time" is a novel use of that homonym. Also I just got to say homonym. Thanks for that. Smile I'm a sucker for a good opening line and this one grabbed me with the 100 days. That little slide down on "we were in the wars" is delicious and memorable. Well done you.

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Yeah! Love the exuberantly soulful singing and strumming. This could become a great old-timey country song - like something you'd hear on a tavern jukebox in days gone by. Fun song! (Love the falsetto-ing at the end, too - great big finish.)

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Very well-realized concept, and the forthright, almost belting vocals are exceptional. I feel like this belongs up on stage, with the crowd hollering and singing along!

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couple of people mention "belting" and i agree, a soulful and jubilant belter. love your vocal on this and the lyrics are great too. fantastic skirmish

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Great song! And to repeat what a ton of people have said, the lyric "peace by piece" is genius! And I like how you repeat it later as just "peace" time. Brilliant!

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Clever lyrics, and they fit great with that melody. Love your vocal too in this - rousing !

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Relationships are a pussle and very nice when solved. You ccaptured it great. Great vibe on your guitar to and of course lovely vox

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Great vox! Love the chord progressions. Gave it a little spice! The lyrics are great and clever!