Smelly Fish!

Smelly Fish!

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Liner Notes: 

We are so happy the flood waters are going down fast now-but oh those dead fish! So I wrote a little song. Smile


Smelly Fish
© 2019 Cindy Prince

The flood waters are on their way down
Which is good
Unless it isn't!

What has been left to rot in the mud
Are the dead fish
God, the scent of it!

Smelly fish
Go away
Buzzards come quick!
Godawful fish
Please don't stay
It's making us sick!

We have to hold are noses tight
Lest we faint
From the smell!

We try to be happy it's receded
But those fish
Are stinky hell!

Repeat chorus

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Hey, at least you don't have a rotting whale carcass that would explode like a gas balloon.

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Nothing worse and thats from a fisherman. Of course could be very metaphorical. Like governments and organisations fish rot from the head first

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I really like these lyrics, but not the thought of it...

I also want to hear @levesinet set it to music, even though I want to get rid of the whale carcass thing they mentioned! Ew!