Wipe Our Tears Away

Wipe Our Tears Away

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Liner Notes: 

I met my Lord and Savior, Jesus, in 1974. DISCLAIMER: However, I am NOT in that group of Christians who support the current President of the USA. I believe the words that spew forth from his mouth reveal a lying spirit and a person of little compassion and understanding. Although I am mystified by my right wing brothers' & sisters' fealty to this man, I am obliged to love them and pray for them, and attempt to refute their statements when possible. (Very difficult when facts are not recognized or agreed upon.) I do, however, understand their misgivings about the left where there also lurk liars and self promoters. Where are the moderates? All we seem to have now are two extremes. I am praying for God to raise up leaders of integrity and wisdom. Sigh. OK Off my soap box - for now.

From April through May, computer issues brought my songwriting to a halt. After much technological struggling, I finally got back up and running in mid June with a spiffy new DELL and my old software running in compatibility mode. (Don't ask.) I warmed up by writing a few secular songs in June and now this is my first FAWM song for which I've attempted to reach back into my Christian beliefs and love of classical music. I'm feeling very rusty at the moment, but I promise that rock and pop songs will follow as soon as any new ideas can be made to percolate. I just bought a bunch of guitar loops this morning. Hopefully they will inspire something!

Feel free to ask me to set your lyrics to music if you have any that you think my voice will suit. Lyrics are more of a challenge to me than music, so I need to do some Collab's if I'm going to reach 50 songs.


Wipe Away Our Tears
Susan Cantey © 2019

Long ago I languished
In the bed I’d made
God reached down from Heaven
Pulled me from the grave

He called my name
Ended my fears
He’s washing away my sins
Drying my tears

He sent His Son to save us
To pay the price
The sacrificial Lamb
That can raise us to life

He’s calling your name
There’s no need to fear
He will forgive your sins
And dry your tears

(Piano solo)

One day we’ll see His glory
And praise Him as we should
Angels will join us
In a song that’s new

He’ll call us by name
There’ll be no fear
He will forgive our sins
And wipe away our tears


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Beautiful! I love your piano and the lyrics are so touching, so intimate. "He'll call us by name...and wipe away our tears..."

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simply gorgeous. you piano playing is so delicate and voice so fulfilling to the melody. lyrics of a high order indeed.

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Beautiful piano, beautiful vocals, beautiful lyrics. Of course!

We’ll done; the harmonies are great; you have great vocal control and love your chordal modulations.

Lyric for any congregation to sing with in a nice band with for all to participate; and any can say Amen to.