Raise the Roof

Raise the Roof

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A sixth sense for safety
A knack for digging dirt
The best things can happen
When we assume the worst

And they’ll call you crazy
When you tell them the truth
Can’t trust the feds, so count the heads,
And raise the roof

Suspicion in motion
It’s roaring through your blood
You leave trails of sweat and tears
For someone else to drag through mud

And they’ll call you crazy
When you tell them the truth
Can’t trust the feds, find grit instead
And raise the roof

Scavenge like an improvisor
At heart, that’s who you are
Because when you run with crazy
You can take it pretty far

And god, they’ll call you crazy
When you tell them truth
Can’t trust the feds, stand by what you said
And raise the roof

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love the triple phrase that concludes the chorus.. Dido would kill to be able to write a song this good. your vocal is very honest, open and clear, and it is effective how y0u break out in the last verse.

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Those two opening lines are great. I love them. And your melody and voice are both beautiful. I really like this song the way you've sung and played it but it's such a good song I could hear it being rocked out by a hard rock band, too. Good writing

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Intense and personal, like a razor to the skin. There's a lovely darkness to the guitar, and your voice is quite stunning too. A perfect listen for late at night, when the moon is covered by clouds and sleep sleep doesn't come as the night pushes in.

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Thats a songwriters song! Really nice and a nice delivery. Lots of layers.