Ice Cream

Ice Cream

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Liner Notes: 

Programmed in Cubase using the tb_peach and tb_toad freeware plugins (and the built in HALionOne plugin for extra drums)

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Whoa, this one starts like "what is this" but as more layered are added it gets cooler, some wild sounds here. The metallic smashing in the left channel especially. There is a melody here to "ah-do do, do-do do".

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This is cool. It's got a real cinematic cyberpunk feel to it. If I may offer a suggestion for if you decide to develop it (which you obviously free to ignore), I would have loved to hear a really boomy bass drum (or 808 or something) coming in where it got really intense. The crashy sounds really gave it quite the intensity!

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Came just in time to transition from my Stranger Things binge to making some music, great stuff!

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Quite hypnotic, and captivating in its repetitions and layers. A most intriguing listen!