My Heart's Gone Too

My Heart's Gone Too

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Liner Notes: 

Putting a melody, tempo, and dynamics to the lyrics and chords (like a lead sheet or fake book) by @metalfoot in the fake it challenge.



Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Nice work! I enjoyed what you did melodically here. You don't need to add me as a collaborator though. Smile

Well done, -- different sound for you (as far as I would know); again, good stuff.

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nice play around with the vocals - nice melody - hauntingly good

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I agree. The reverb multiplies the wistful vocal delivery and stark picking.

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Really cool groove - guitar and vocals work well together.

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Cool, huge sound, you're in a weird echoey space a bit, but an interesting one for sure. When you left you took me with you... interesting stuff here. Where have you gone? Where have I gone? More than a simple question.

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I like the emphatic playing in the chorus, the contrast between it and the other sections is immediately palpable and interesting! Got that classic Andy dose of stereo echo and I really admire you for getting this done in one take!

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Great job!! We ended up with similarities in melody. This was a fun challenge

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Haunting. Thats the word that springs to mind here.... so much space!

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Wow, you really evoked the lonely in the lyrics. The hot levels and reverb on the guitar add an ethereal fuzz to the accompaniment.