Freedom Ain't Free (4th of July)

Freedom Ain't Free (4th of July)

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Liner Notes: 

I wrote a song today in celebration of the 4th of July.



Oh, Lord, thank you for, thank you for friends and family

Oh, Lord, thank you for, thank you for my country

Oh, Lord, thank you for, those who serve in our military

Freedom, oh, freedom, it ain't free

Verse 1

A marching band plays The Stars and Stripes

Children laugh, eyes shinnin' bright

We gonna light up the grill, cook outside

Celebrate the 4th of July


Verse 2

We stand together, look way up high

Fireworks explode into the night

We dance and sing, have a good time

Go to bed when the sun rises


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Great song for the 4th! Many can relate. I sure can- just got back from watching fireworks!

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Love the harmonica! Sweetly sentimental and perfect for the holiday. Good

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What a catchy song! I can definitely imagine having a crowd of people singing along with you on this one! Love the harmonica break too!

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" Freedom it ain't free" My Favourite phrase in what is a very catchy tune, great start Pam

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Great title and good blues song. I really like the relaxed and "breathy" vocals and the way you dampen the strings in the verses. Nice harmonica too. It all sounds so cozy and the message of patriotism and gospel is strong and clear because of it. It's a wonderful combination!