Your Light

Your Light

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Liner Notes: 

Finally got around to start recording! 50/90 is gonna be slow for me this year let me tell you what

Guitar Tuning: CGDGAD


You heed all the signs
You bend and rewind
I know it’s making you crazy

The longing in your mind
It burns and subsides
Hold on to the life that you wanted

And may your faith never die
Stay in your light

Back to the start
And the twitch in your heart
Hold on to anything that wakes you up

All that you are
The way you’ve come so far
It all leads right to this moment

May your hope never die
Ignite the spark in your eye
And your love, may it take flight
Stay in your light

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I will check back for the demo and based on your track record, I'm sure it will be brilliant! This is a lovely lyric.

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This is nice. I look forward to your recording.

Might I suggest this tweak to your second verse?

“The wrestle in your mind
How it twists you and binds
Holding you to the life you wanted.”

It may not work for you. But I feel it matches the rhythm a little more to the other verses, and it keeps a constancy to the metaphors.

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Thanks for the feedback! I did tweak that verse a bit, as it was a little clunky, but ended up in a slightly different direction.

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Lovely verse and direction you take this melody, dreamy, I would "heart" it if I could....

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This is so gorgeous! Love the reworking you did. I am glad that I came back to listen to your stuff.