The Wedding in the Lake

The Wedding in the Lake

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Technicolor Gramophone Records: The Wedding in the Lake

Liner Notes: 

I find that bass guitar without drums automatically makes something sound weird. Lyrics are the usual nonsensical wordplay!


Stick me on a wedding cake
throw it in the lake
go in and make
a wedding in the lake

Now, we should mention
that at the reception
they strapped Joe
to a yo-yo
with a go-go
girl and said "go go go"
(Go, go, go)

The guests said "Oh, no"
when Ms Ono
arrived from Soho
ate a HoHo
and said, "Hello"
to Mr and Mrs So and So
and her old
crony John Doe
and bold old
John Q Public
who went public
with the latest
news about the
wedding in the lake

Now take
me out of the lake
and make
sure my
tuxedo is dry
(No one likes a wet tuxedo ...)

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billwhite51's picture

really fine mix . love those shouts announcing the beginning of verses. the idea of a wedding in a lake is something you can really run with.

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Nice. Needed some weird today. Bass is the best way to creep someone out. It's like it stalking me. And that buzzy thing is fantastic. I love it.

johnstaples's picture

Really clever wordplay! Great vibe driven by that bass guitar! Totally fun song to listen to! Nice work!!

Hey man, time for more of your crazy antics eh! Ya sounds just as weird as normal.

You're right bass without drums give it an add feel and your vocal entry was wild. I like the background sounds that go with it. Cool and uniquely you!

Frances Smith's picture

You may say these lyrics are meaningless, but there's lots of symbolism could be found in a song that starts with a wedding cake thrown in a lake, especially one that sounds like this! Lyrics are great, very fine rhyming. It sounds delightfully weird, lots of interesting things going on.

OdilonGreen's picture

I really like the disconcerting feel of the 'standalone' bass; combined with the occasional percussion 'slams' that pop up out of nowhere and the surreal spoke-sung lyrics, this is utterly, delightfully disconcerting!

Good effective mix, L/R'ing; sometimes I don't add drums if that bass and percussive flatpicking is just enough... but then as I listen as I write this, I see you mean the more melodic approach, -- yes, only a bass, (or cello?), would effect that. Good stuff. The words as sound source versus "lyric literal story" is nice to see/hear and allows the mind-pictures to better form for the listener on their own, -- ala someother bands we all know, won't mention since not about the sound, but the general approach. -- Great to see/hear folks "doing" that.

Effective use of bass, and shouts to create some eery funkiness. This could serve as a fine soundtrack for a horror script.

Zeekle's picture

Very cool production. The bass grooves in this songs weirdness, but you can’t stop listening. Great track.

Klaus's picture

Yes, I agree about the production values. This sounds real pro and what's more important the techniques are in the service of the song creating lots of feeling and enhancing the mood. Bass guitar does create tension and even when the lyrics are absurd and playful, the song as a whole is a little bit scary and menacing. Oida!, this is peng and feral. Smile

tamsnumber4's picture

I can't even imagine how you produce something like this, what a great sound! Love the fun write, it made me smile just reading it but your interpretation of it made it so much more than just reading it, I love how you use the music and vocal effects to twist this write and dance with that deep rhythm!