Put up

Put up

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Liner Notes: 

Made using my new software stuff, and a crappy hurdy gurdy I build from a kit that sounds just awful, but was a bit better with a tonne of effects on it.


Always complaining about your hard life
BUt I can see you've got a charmed life
Any time you've got problems
Always look to someone else to solve them
And I don't know what to say
And I ain't every going to see things your way
I'm not going to play

So put up, shut up, step up to the plate

You want to make it in the big world
But won't listen to what you're being told
So sure of yourself
Better than anyone else
Without lifting a finger
But I have something to say
Oh, if you want to lead the way
You've got to step up to the plate

So put up, shut up, step up to the plate

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I like the vocal effect in the verses, I might even take it further with the distortion and the narrow EQ. The shouty chorus has a lot of energy. Definitely not on the lower part of your wide range. I like your new music making equipment.

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Thats different but darned good. good use of effects. Cool tune

Sound spretty noisy on my phone,but I like that shouty chorus. Lots of fun attitude.

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Good contrasts. Not what I was expecting, but I like that about it. Great kick in that chorus for sure.

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like the dirty sound a real nice mix of sounds, i like the contrast of the shouty chorus with the up close effected verses. suits the bitter lyrics. nicely done indeed Smile

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I shouted out "Oooo, tingly!" when this came on. Love the textures here! Also, is that the hurdy gurdy kit they've been advertising on Facebook? I was thinking about splurging on it, but it sounds like I may want to hold off...

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Dang, that's some groovy opening sound. Charmed life, indeed, if you never have to solve your own problems. Love the chorus! Strong and IN MY FACE. Great contrast between verse/chorus. Lots of grit here, fun sounds.

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Great drive in "put up, shut up, step up".

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I got some Garbage vibes in the opening section, and then the chorus comes in totally unexpectedly with some nice chaos. Smile

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Wow, this is loud. Very nice production, good angry lyrics and I really like the chorus, it's very unconventional and with a little punk attitude. Something Republica could have done today if they still made records perhaps.

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Your software is cool.
I agree with TC, it might be fun to fuzz up the vocals even more.