'Summer Memories'

'Summer Memories'

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Liner Notes: 

Well, it is Summer. Here is my Summer piece about happy memories. Please let me know if you hear lyrics. I'm always interested in collaborations.
As always, thank you for listening, commenting, sharing thoughts, ideas.
Nadia ~

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This is very sweet. I like the little harmonic lift at the end. It definitely screams summertime to me.

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This is a lovely, relaxing breeze on this very hot day (where I am), very nicely capturing the sunlight of summer, and also a bit of a nostalgic feel for youth gone by. The basic repeated riff (what I, rightly or wrongly, kind of think of as the 'chorus') is quite uplifting!

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i love your compositions for solo piano , and this one evokes both past and present at the same time in a way that makes me appreciate the passing time even mrore,

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Yes summers there, i caught a glimpse of it! Nice solo song but would be easily lyricised. Nice

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Lovely, Nadia. Very playful. Nice exuberance in the notes and melody. Perfect for summertime with the freedom to have some fun!

I just love happy Summer songs. You have a beautiful melody going, and those Beethoven style left hand chords compliment it. I hear bells, very subtly, and I heard an almost strumming sound of the strings. Fantastic!

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There's a wistful quality to the melodies and chords. The shift to that minor chord adds just a touch of melancholy, which enhances that idea of "summer memories". Beautiful job Smile

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Beautiful melody and in places also very melancholy and sad. But mostly sweet warm and sunny. I like how these two feelings go hand in hand like so often in real life too. Sounds very much to ear as a whole composition as there are variation and different parts and a real coda or ending too. Very nice and well done.