Summer's Over

Summer's Over

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Summer's Over

Liner Notes: 

First song of my first ever 50/90, after three years of FAWM I figured it would be worthwhile to join this challenge too. Now a full time musician so there will probably also be some compositions added that I will make under contract these following three months.

I improvised the main structure for this song on my Yamaha YC-45D combo organ and the vocals this morning. I worked out the lyrics a bit this afternoon and decided on a little shower dance for the visuals. I will have to see if I can make a visual with every song I'm gonna make but it's an ambitious start when it comes to presentation. Let's see where this ship takes me


Don't really know where to begin
The Summer's over, the nights are getting longer
Seems like you forgot about me, that's fine I guess
Since I made due with less

I just thought you were the one
In the meantime you found another
Now it feels like I can't get over you
But you were over too soon

My love, what have you done to us?
Tell me what have we become
Why does it hurt so much?
I just thought you were the one

But you found another love
You left me to rot
I thought I could do it over
Now I can see

That summer is over

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metalfoot's picture

The video production was pretty cool!

Strong melody... really enjoyed this song. Radio-friendly sound, in my opinion. The music and lyrics work really well together.

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This is really awesome, Vocals are so clear and lovely and I really like the beat and ambient feel - I could learn something here - inspiring me.

splittybooms's picture

Soulful quality to your voice with a great texture.
The pads used are great and pair quite nicely with the simple drum patterns.
Everything just fits together so well; excellent production.

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Your voice is really pretty! I love the slow build of this, makes those drums really set things off when they come in Smile

DeannaSweidel's picture

Great R&B sound. The production was outstanding and the vocals are amazing. This is simply wonderful