Dare To Be

Dare To Be

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Liner Notes: 

First one done. Only 49 to go.

Deanna wrote these really nice lyrics about standing for something and standing so tall that it helps others too.

It took me four and a half hours to demo it. That's fast for me. But I have to do better if I'm going to churn out 50 of these babies. There may be some little fibs here and there but as a whole, I'm really excited about this one. Thanks very much, Deanna, for this unique opportunity to do our first ever 50/90 collaboration.


(c) 2019 - Deanna Sweidel

Dare To Be

Live life on your terms
Others can’t decide
How you want to be
How your life will thrive

Love with all your heart
Others cannot say
How your heart should feel
How your love displays

Dare to live life freely
Dare to be misquoted
Dare to dream big daily
Dare to be devoted

Laugh with all your might
Others need to hear
How you conquer hate
How you fight the fear

Dare to live life freely
Dare to be misquoted
Dare to dream big daily
Dare to be devoted

Live and laugh and love
Cause a big commotion
Show them who you are
Show them your devotion

Dare to live life freely
Dare to be misquoted
Dare to dream big daily
Dare to be devoted

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Good to hear and see you back in action............. like the feel of it.

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@Klaus This one is a winner... One of your best...
@DeannaSweidel I'm impressed... This has turned out Fantastic.

metalfoot's picture

Klaus -- you've absolutely nailed it with this style of music for this lyric, I think. I want to get out a lighter and wave it along with the chorus! Deanna-- I'm really glad Klaus did this song with you!

OdilonGreen's picture

Earnest in the best way, there's a terrific sincerity to the lyrics and uplifting vibe to the musical style that complement each other perfectly. Inspirational and, as @metalfoot said, definitely lighter-waving-worthy.

sbs2018's picture

This is my first 50/90 and I really like this. I agree that the music and vocals have an awesome vibe for the lyrics.

Kristi's picture

Great title and theme. Nice, concise writing. The melody suits the lyrics wonderfully. The music/vocal is earnest and like an anthem...with all the repetitions and vibe of it all. It's a lovely song!!

DeannaSweidel's picture

Klaus....this is fantastic! Thank you for taking my words and making beautiful music with them

atitlan's picture

Uplifting and anthemic. Enjoyed the positivity of the lyrics and the music fits the theme really well.

spirulence's picture

`Dare to be misquoted` is my favorite line in here. Nice work, Deanna and Klaus! The big ending is totally appropriate and made me smile, bigtime. Smile

billwhite51's picture

Klaus and Deanna..the new lennon and mccartney. everything about this collaboraton is outstanding. my favorite song so far on this first day. i love the part wher it starts to sound like something off odyssey and oracles.

jcollins's picture

Nice intro! Great lyrics and very nice arrangement and vocals. This is the first song I have looked at so far and what a great start. Amazing what you both have done here. Excellent!

Very nice! A solid vocal and tune that fits the lyrics perfectly! This is very enjoyable. Bridge is awesome. This works very well good both of you!

auldy's picture

awesome chord progression and arrangement. Love the chorus melody, really gives @DeannaSweidel 's anthem a place!

Frances Smith's picture

Four and a half hours is pretty good for a demo, but you're probably right you'll have to speed it up a bit, to get 50 done. Sounds great, melody added to the lyrics works well, fine piece of empowering pop.

writeandwrong's picture

Oh this is so sweet it made me smile, especially when it got to the chorus. Fantastic collaboration, write, and performance. Awesome work!

Peter Arvidson's picture

Deanna and Klaus you guys are a killer combo! Hell yeah. Love the vocal melodies, lyrics, and blistering chords.

coolparadiso's picture

yup excellent ladies and gentlemen we have an anthem in the house!

sherrycanary's picture

This is really wonderful. It feels so right and uplifting....and we are ready to be uplifted.....I know I am.
Excellent lyrics. Dare to be misquoted really stood out....in a good way.
I like the update on that style of music.
Out of the park 2 days into it!

Acousticmaddie's picture

I think this is the best Ive heard from you overall in the challenges. This has a great vive. Lovely performed. Absolutely gorgeous melody.

Klaus magic raises Deanna's lyrics to a kind of everyday hymn. It most certainly lifted my heart upon hearing it. Has a singalong quality that I could see people listening to in the car every morning. So inspirational!

Ferry Colyer's picture

Second listen with the chorus in my head before it starts. ABBA/Beach Boys? Man, great collab indeed!

helen's picture

This is lovely. The jerky rhythm on the verses gives it a sweet quirky feeling to it. Nicely done, both.

Edward Roussac's picture

I like the gentle music, particularly the bass, organ and keyboards. The vocals have a warm, rich timbre to them. I love the big melodic choruses and the simple optimism in the lyrics.
Nice work you two.

nateger's picture

Gorgeous lyrics and wonderful performance. I dig the gospel organ vibe. So fun and uplifting. Great chords and composition

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

I definitely get an anthemic feel from this ... the retro organ sets it up beautifully. Chorus is very beautiful and brings to mind 60s sunshine pop. You have a real knack for making very authentic sounding 60s sounds. Fade-out on the vocal masterful!

marvsmooth's picture

I’ve already commented on Deanna’s lyrics elsewhere, and Klaus, you have done a great job setting it to music.

The rhythm on bass and drums is a great backing for the wonderful gospel sounding piano and organ, and the vocal melody is so good!

The ad lib at the end is such a great addition to the song, where I could hear a choir singing that bit!

Wonderful, and the different sections (verse, chorus, and bridge) work brilliantly.