It All Comes Back To The Blues

It All Comes Back To The Blues



Liner Notes: 

A quick blues to start things rolling. Solo was first take.


"I woke up this morning" is the best first line I know
It tells me where I started, points me where I need to go
I simply make the plot unfold the way it's meant to flow

Following progressions
that are too good to refuse
Cut me some slack
I've got the knack
and I'm right on track
It all comes back to the blues

Fighting with your woman, running from the mob
Going up against The Man, trying to get a job
I can tell you any story, make you cry and sob

Music's not a competition,
that much I know is true
But any woe you can describe
I know I can outdo

Following progressions
that are too good to refuse
Cut me some slack
I've got the knack
and I'm right on track
It all comes back to the blues

And so I end my story pretty much where I began
Still ain't reached my destination, still don't have a plan
The blues will always be my church and I'm the preacher man

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sbs2018's picture

I really like this - love the Blues and this was so cool! You started my day off with a smile.

ballyhoot's picture

Nice song. I like the scratchy raw recording style on the vocals and that weary-sounding slide or slack guitar or whatever it is. Good tone and rhythm.

metalfoot's picture

Nice blues playing, Chris! A great opening song for 50/90.

wobbie wobbit's picture

nice slide solo, i like the blues feel with a distinct HFO sound twist

phylo's picture

I Love this! That's good blues, Man! Great slide work and the words are truth. Nice work!

3tdoan's picture

Got me grooving as soon as it started playing. I like the wry take on blues cliches in the lyrics.

Silver Machine's picture

There's a big rhythm and blues tradition where I'm from and this hit the spot. A nice warm up for band and audience, before things get lairy
Blues is sad but I've always felt RnB has a predominant good time feel, and this was a real toe tapper.

sph's picture

Nice meta thing going on in the Lyrics. Good start!

TomS's picture

Solo was a perfect take. Vocal sound is awesome. I sure hope "got the knack" was a reference to The Knack. These lyrics are wonderful: Music's not a competition/
that much I know is true/But any woe you can describe/I know I can outdo. It's a very friendly humble brag! Smile Great start, Chris!

splittybooms's picture

Another great bluesy romp.
This one rolls along with that liquidy guitar lead - sounds friggin awesome! That first take is killer.
I'm really liking the way you think melodically with your leads; it lends some very cool vibes to the traditional blues pattern underneath.
Great stuff

Chip Withrow's picture

Hi, Chris! Good to hear one of my guitar heroes - 5090 or otherwise - again!
I love that first line - what a setup to what follows. Excellent lyrics, delivered with flair, wit, grit and style. And you rock like crazy. The slide is a monster. Wow!

marvsmooth's picture

This is a great blues, played impeccably as ever.

The meta lyrics are fabulous, with a great vocal (I love the effects on there)!

For anyone who wants to know how to write a blues song, here’s The A to Z!

Dragondreams's picture

Hell YEAH! Doing the head bop from the very first beat! The sounds are fantastic. That slide guitar has me drooling on my desk!
I'm late to the HFO party this year, but this is an AWESOME way to open the show. Smile
And the "music's not a competition..." line had me grinning. Biggrin
The guitar solo is to die for. Not bad for a self-proclaimed keyboard player... Wink

Joanne Gabriel's picture

This sounds so effortless and smooth, it's elating. As always, your guitar work is fantastic, and your vocals bring that unique HFO touch. Full of good vibes and tastefulness, a great starter.