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1 Surface - 50/90 2019

Liner Notes: 

hrnngngngnhhh haven't written all year, and it shows. ANYWAY. 1 is greater than 0.

Missing summer, it's dreary and grey here down under. Good songwriting weather, mind you.


Float on the surface
We float on the surface of the water
Nothing can hurt us
Silent and wordless on the water
Beneath is the ocean
Above, the endless sky

Break through the surface
We break through the surface of the water
We play without purpose
Naked, unburdened in the water
Laughing and free
You have salt and sea in your eyes

Leap through the surface
We leap through the surface of the water
Teasing and flirting
We draw back the curtains on the water
Drunk on the sunshine
We swim in a world of light

Dive through the surface
We dive through the surface of the water
Who can glide furthest
Your body curving through the water
And you plunge in the depths
Holding your breath and fly

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What a great start to 50/90. Excellent singing here, really emotional. The lyrics are clever and sensual, I really like the line - We draw back the curtains on the water. Well done - just 49 more to go!

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I like the undergirding rhythm--- it feels like floating along the water.

Strong lyrics, too, Tina; I think this could be a song you add to your regular repertoire. Cheers for a new song!

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love the rhymes you have with surface and that melody is gorgeous, especially the last lines. really nicely put together song and i can feel the freshness of the water in the energy of the music - really nice - great start!

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I just love your writing. The harmony in this is great. Love your scat solo. The lyrics are so easy and natural. I'm experiencing summer, but this summer is so much better than the real one... like the summer in winter is better than the real one, even though I like the real one too. Maybe I just need to go to the ocean. Love your voice in this too.

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hurt us and rhyming. you have such a unique rhythmic feel, not that the rhythm itself is so unusual, but what you do with it is something else. i also like the poetic concept you are exploring here.

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Yup strong lyrics and well delivered as usual. Probably no time to write - you performing star you! Smile

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Surface what a good song and your voice is lovely i enjoyed this a lot and look forward to hearing more.

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Lovely song, not bad for taking a year off! Surface is a great place to start, I like the verses that circle around ways of playing with the surface. Drunk on the sunshine / world of light is appealing. Lots of freedom here, joyous times.

Right now in my part of the US we have heavy, hot weather that clamps down on freedom. Enjoy your winter!

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This is more painted than written. A beautiful scene you set here.

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This has a terrific mix of tenderness and intensity. Love all those near rhymes. Very vivid imagery. I really enjoyed the melody too and your expressive vocal. Really well done!

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Very beautiful song and performance. Best description of frolicking in the ocean I've heard - love "your body curving through the water." The doo-doo-doos lots of fun!

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Very beautiful song and performance. Best description of frolicking in the ocean I've heard - love "your body curving through the water." The doo-doo-doos lots of fun!

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I love being able to watch you perform! I read your post about frustrations with open mics - if you came to visit southwest Florida, I'd have a couple good ones for you. (But too many here are as you describe.)
What an amazing, expressive song! Your voice is delightful, haunting, jazzy, soulful ... you can do so much with it I'm watching/listening again. And now I'm paying more attention to the lyrics - good stuff.

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Sweet melodies on top of sway-back-and-forth strumming.
LOVE 1:12-1:38!!! Those "duh doo duh"s that came from deep within gave me chills.
You go from gentle cooing to belting out some serious soul.
Excellent song and lyrics.

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This is an incredible song, everything about it! The progression and lyrical story are wonderfully paired. Enjoyed so much!

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you have a very creative use of melody or i would call it a feel, a talent. The steady uke groove make it stand out, esp. with the irregular but somehow floating phrasing.