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Liner Notes: 

I may add more to this, but got stuck and I need to watch Stranger Things! Smile Needs music and vocals.


© 2019 Cindy Prince

You were there
So was I
We were both
Watching the sky

I looked over
Saw your face
The fireworks dimmed
Your smile replaced

I saw your eyes sparkle
With the fireworks up above
I knew you were remarkable
I knew I was in love

Maybe you felt
My eyes on you
You looked my way
Like I'd hoped you'd do

Sounds of fireworks going off

There was magic
There was splendor
I knew this night
Was one I'd remember

Repeat chorus

Every July 4th
I think of that spark
How your lovely eyes
Lit up the dark

Repeat chorus

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your words paint a lovely picture, a lovely coyness against the backdrop of fireworks. I like the partial rhyme remarkable/sparkle and splendor remember, splendor is a great word Smile

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I like all the details of a few moments in the midst of the July 4th celebration! And it makes for a nice metaphor!! Very nice, Cindy!

Roel van Veldt's picture

Hi Cindy, when you're done watching Stranger Things and finishing your lyrics for "Sparkle", let me know. Smile I already had a sparkling idea for some matching music.

§ Roel

Jibbidy34's picture

This is very apt for Independence Day! Fireworks, tension, love and nostalgia. What more could you want for great song ingredients?

marvsmooth's picture

This is beautiful, especially that ending about the Fourth of July. I smiled and felt a happy feeling inside Smile

Thank you for making me feel happier.

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Lovely lyrics. I like the vivid way you describe the situation of realizing that she's the one. And then she looks back in a certain way. That's how the fireworks start. That's really nice.